COPD Secondary Care - Regional Reports

On this page you can download the latest 6-monthly regional report for England and Wales.

This report presents performance against clinical audit key performance indicators (KPIs) that are recommended by NRAP to support good practice in the delivery of care.

Results are provided at the following levels to facilitate national and local comparison and benchmarking:

  • Individual hospital
  • Integrated Care System (ICS) and NHS region (England only)
  • Local Health Board (Wales only)
  • National (All - England and Wales)

Whilst reviewing this report, please note:

1) Reports are produced via an accelerated production process in order to provide timely performance information at an increased frequency. These results may therefore differ from NRAP's national annual reports where data are put through a more rigorous cleaning and analysis process.

2) All 'draft' records are excluded from this analysis and results have been suppressed where there are <5 records. See more detail on the suppression rules applied in the report into tab ('Additional notes’).

Reports on previous data collection periods are also available. These present performance for England, Scotland and Wales in separate outputs.

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Latest Regional Report

Previous Reports

COPD SC Regional Report Apr-Sep 2022 (ICS)

(12/07/2023 10:10 - 391.6Kb)

England (STP) 2020-05

(01/10/2020 - 716.1Kb)

Scotland 2020-05

(01/10/2020 - 550.7Kb)

Wales 2020-05

(01/10/2020 - 342.7Kb)

England (STP) 2019-11

(27/11/2019 - 521.6Kb)

Scotland 2019-11

(27/11/2019 - 377.4Kb)

Wales 2019-11

(27/11/2019 - 270.2Kb)

England (STP) 2019-05

(29/05/2019 - 304.9Kb)

Scotland 2019-05

(28/05/2019 - 397.2Kb)

Wales 2019-05

(28/05/2019 - 276.8Kb)

STP Report 2018-11

(21/12/2018 - 305.9Kb)